Administrator, Teacher, Coach, Mentor - Dennis Dempsey, PhD, has been
instrumental in the development of the Sisters School District for close to 30 years
in all those categories and then some. Dr. Dempsey was the first principal of the
renewed high school when it opened in 1992 after a 25 year absence, moving from
Alaska with wife Nancy and their daughters. Dennis not only served as principal
through 1999, he helped developed the curriculum for the new SHS and put key
people in positions that would allow Outlaw students and athletic programs to
flourish, always looking for innovative ways to help teachers and coaches elevate
the students’ experiences. He is recognized as an expert regarding the
implementation of technology in schools, and used that expertise to keep Sisters
schools on the technological cutting edge. Among his numerous accomplishments,
Dr. Dempsey was the recipient of the Oregon Secondary School Principal of the
Year award in 1995-1996 (after having also won in Alaska), and served as president
of the Oregon Association of Secondary School Administrators. He has served as
head coach and assistant coach of the track team over the years (including the
state runner-up 1996 3A Boys team), stepped in twice to serve as interim
superintendent, and has served in a number of other state and regional capacities
(including superintendent of the High Desert Education Service District from 2000
2012 and superintendent of the Diocese of Baker). Said one of the teachers who
has worked with him, Dennis is “one of those people who comes along once in a
lifetime of faculty and students.”